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An Escort’s Story

The world of escorting can be a very tricky place. Your entire experience depends on you, how you handle the fact that you are selling your time to strangers who you will have to impress. You will also need to put on an act with most customers so that you impress them. Some clients will even have some certain requests that you can either accept or reject; it is totally up to you. But make sure that your gut and your body is ready for the trying world of escorting. For some sort of insight about escorting read the story below:

“I was 18 when I first heard that you could make some money by just hanging out with people for a couple of hours. My first client, all I did was hug him for an hour or so and made $100. That was a huge deal for me. So I was obviously sucked into the world of escorting because of my need and craze for money. It is true when someone says money can solve all their problems; well at least it was true in my case. The first time I had sex with a client for money was when I was 19, so I went a full year without getting into the sex business. But then a client offered me $2000 for the whole night, and I had no idea I could make that much from just one client. After that, I started accepting those kinds of clients. It felt good to make $5000 a week; at least. In my mind I figured, 5 more years of this and I could live luxuriously for the rest of my life. I had no plans of getting married or having kids. I got myself checked for STDs and STIs every month and made sure I used a condom every time I had sex. So I had it all under control. What I thought would be 5 years turned out to be 15 years. I had made well over $3 million in 10 years and was ready to quit the escort industry for good.

With the advent of apps, I had created an app for my services; it was very discreet since selling sex is illegal. It turned out that my app became very successful and I found myself enjoying the feeling of choosing whatever client I wanted. I felt like I had more control over my job more than ever. I even found myself enjoying sex with wealthy, attractive strangers. So here we are 15 years later, I have made more money than I can ever use. I still accept a client or two when I feel like having sex. Sometimes I get the feeling that I should settle down. I might. Only the future can tell.