How Escorts Can Save Your Marriage/Relationship

If you are studying this, then you are probably stuck in a monogamous, stale marriage with no spark or excitement in the bedroom. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. With just a few tips and tricks you and your partner can rekindle the dying flames of your romance. This tends to befall people who have been with just one person for a very long time. I read online that humans, animals, in general, weren’t designed biologically to be monogamous creatures. So, therefore, the concept is absolutely very hard to follow for some people even if you are very much in love. The feeling of strange sex is somehow very appealing to people, and they do indeed try to dampen these feelings that they have. If your marriage needs help, you’ve come to the right place.

–    Many couples who are having some issues in the bedroom resort to consulting a sex expert. While that is a decent solution, consider hiring an escort and having a threesome. Try a male and female escort. By doing so, you will be adding some sort of a different scene in the bedroom.

–    Escorts are well-trained sex professional, hiring one can only mean good things to you as you can ask them all sorts of questions, they will teach you and tell you what to do in bed that can excite your partner. Your spouse can do the same for you.

–    Couples hiring escorts isn’t something new at all. Many couples have actually stated that hiring an escort has helped them save their dying and rocky romance in the bedroom. Some have even stated it has halted their impending divorce because an escort helped them out and guided as to how to please each other properly in the bedroom.

Here is a real story from a real couple who live in Los Angeles. Their names have been altered to protect their privacy.

“I am Dany, and my husband is Jon. We got together 10 years ago. We were actually high school sweethearts, which means, we have only been with each other our whole lives. We have never had any sexual encounters outside of each other; ever. We noticed something was off in our lovemaking process, we even consulted online sites, doctors, etc., and nothing helped. One of our friends randomly gave my husband the number of a premium escort agency, we got in contact with them and figured we should at least try. We hired a male escort first. He helped my husband a lot and taught him some very pleasurable moves and the female escort we hired the next day helped me. We are actually guilty of having threesomes a couple of times after that. We indeed enjoy it a lot. It has absolutely changed the dynamic of our sex lives, and I am happy about it.