How To Behave With An Escort?

You are probably a normal middle-aged gentleman who is awkward around women. You probably haven’t had sex in a while; I am guessing you are in Vegas or Atlantic City or maybe someplace where escorts are found in plenty. So, you have come here for some insight as to how to approach and speak to an escort. Well, fret not because I have provided all the answers in this article. If you do follow the steps and facts, assuredly you will have a good time.

  1. Most escorts are very well trained and professional; they will definitely know how to handle a client. If indeed you decide that you are ready to pay for sex then you must be mature enough to handle a sex worker. Yes, escorts border on being sex workers, but in their case, you are just paying for their time.
  2. Escorts know how to notice if a client is worth it or not, you need to have enough money to pay her at the end of the night.
  3. Do not try to cheat or haggle; it comes off as cheap and unprofessional.
  4. You also need to make sure to wear decent clothes when you are meeting the escort. You have to be a gentleman and treat her right; just because you are paying for her, doesn’t mean you own her or that you can speak; however, you want to her.
  5. She is a human being and must be respected and treated right. She will do her part and come precisely dressed for the occasion, the first impression matters and the escort will certainly make an excellent first impression. It is on you to do the same.
  6. When you finally meet her, talk to her with some self-confidence and talk to her the same way you would speak to an attractive girl. This will make her feel respected, and she will be inclined to giving you an amazing night. So, when you do meet her, look her in the eyes and talk to her, this will establish a personal bond with her and will also calm her a bit.
  7. An affectionate approach can open all sorts of doors for you. If you know women, literally any women would appreciate a good compliment, so do compliment her on her looks or the way she speaks or how good she smells. But make sure the praise you are giving does not come off as creepy.
  8. When you finally proceed to the room, she may ask you to shower, do so and sit on the bed or couch and ask her if you can begin. Or maybe you can be spontaneous if you are into that. You will need to clear that with her first.
  9. You can even ask her some questions; she is experienced and can teach you some neat tricks to please the woman.